Building Permits & Inspections

Online Payments

Contractors now have the ability to pay permit fees online.  Contact 806-855-4120 for additional information.

Building Codes

Construction in the City of Wolfforth must meet the following specifications and standards:

  • 2000 International Building Code
  • 2000 International Residential Code
  • Latest edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code
  • 2000 International Mechanical Code
  • Latest edition of the National Electrical Code
  • 2012 International Fire Code, with amendments

Construction Permits

The City requires construction permits on new construction and on additions or remodels, and follows the 2000 International Building Code. Builders are responsible for permits, and building plans must be submitted and reviewed before any permit will be issued. Effective May 1, 2018, submittals for both commercial and residential new construction require one paper set of construction plans, plus one PDF file, the energy report, and the stormwater management plan application.  All permit fees are calculated on the square footage of the construction. The plumbing permit minimum is $50.00 and all other permits require a minimum fee of $35.00.  Currently, the residential stormwater management plan application  has no fee.

Permits are issued for 180 days.  Although all work does not have to be completed, the project must show progress.  Failure to begin construction within 180 days will cancel the permit.  

Please be aware that some neighborhoods require proof of architectural review approval before a construction permit may be issued.  Check with the developer, or contact 806-855-4120 for the list of neighborhoods.

Permit TypeFee (per square foot)
Residential Building$0.10
Commercial Building$0.20
Driveways (added after initial construction)$35.00
Non-Traditional Construction Project$35 minimum or $1.50/$1,000 of project
Plan Review Fee$35.00
Re-Inspection Fee$35.00
Sprinkler System Inspection Fee$50.00

All accessory buildings/storage buildings require a site plan and approval before construction. Storage buildings larger than 200 square feet require a building permit fee, and any storage building with electricity or plumbing requires the appropriate permit and fee.

Builders are responsible for trash on the job site and for any damage to the meter and meter can.

Developers or Builders may purchase water for construction projects inside the Wolfforth City limits. Commercial water sales require a signed permit application and a $1,000.00 deposit for the meter. Rates are $3.50 per thousand gallons, and access is restricted to specific hydrants, as determined by the City.

Tapping Fees

Sewer taps will be made by a licensed plumber and inspected by the City.

Water taps (3/4″ and 1″) will be made by the City of Wolfforth, unless the developer/contractor receives authorization to make the taps as part of paved alley construction.

Sewer$ 50.00
3/4″ Water$300.00
1″ Water$550.00
1″ Water(by authorized developer/contractor)$400.00

Construction Inspections

City inspectors perform construction inspections. Inspection requirements and information may be obtained in City Hall or from the Building Inspectors. Call 806-855-4120 for information or to request an inspection.

Inspections are performed Monday-Friday, and will be completed within 24 hours of the request (barring inclement weather). The Building Inspector is not available on weekends.

Order of Required Inspections

1. Footing
2. Plumbing rough
3. Return air (if applicable)

Numbers 1-3 must be complete before slab inspection

4. Slab
5. Plumbing top out
6. Heating and air ducts, mechanical vent ducts
7. Electrical rough

Numbers 4-7 must be complete before framing inspection

8. Framing
9. Gas
10. Electrical underground service (if applicable)
11. Flatwork
12. Sewer and service lines (water and gas)
13. Electrical final
14. Plumbing final
15. Heating and air conditioning final

Numbers 9-15 must be complete before final building inspection

16. Final building inspection (before building is occupied) – Insulation scuttle hole card should be in place.

ELECTRICAL SUBCONTRACTOR should request electrical inspections.

PLUMBING SUBCONTRACTOR should request plumbing inspections.

MECHANICAL SUBCONTRACTOR should request mechanical inspections.

GENERAL CONTRACTOR should request structural inspections.