Wolfforth EMS

Wolfforth Volunteer EMS was established in 1977, and is a part of the Lubbock County EMS system. Wolfforth EMS established joint service with Wolfforth Volunteer Fire Department and serves Wolfforth and surrounding areas of southwest Lubbock County. Wolfforth EMS became a paid, fully staffed department in October, 2006, substantially improving emergency medical response in the service area. The EMS section continues to operate with volunteers to support and assist the paid staff.


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Wolfforth EMS is currently staffed with paid crew and eleven volunteers. Each two-man crew has one or more members certified as a paramedic. All personnel must be state certified and complete annual continuing education hours to maintain certification. The following table reflects the current certification levels for volunteers:
Members Certification
1 Physician/Paramedic
4 Paramedic
1 Intermediate Emergency Medical Technician
5 Basic Emergency Medical Technician


Wolfforth EMS currently operates one box-style ambulance, which is provided by Lubbock County EMS. The ambulance is a BLS unit with MICU capabilities.


Volunteer members of Wolfforth EMS must have current state certification and live no more than 3 miles from the Wolfforth EMS station. Potential volunteers must apply, provide proof of certification and insurability, and complete a satisfactory probation period, to become active volunteer participants with Wolfforth EMS. Associate memberships are available in some circumstances. Contact Wolfforth City Hall at 806-855-4120 for additional information.

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