Attention Wolfforth, Lubbock, and Lubbock County residents:  It’s about Alcove!

If you’re concerned about the condition of Alcove Avenue between 66th Street and the Marsha Sharp Freeway and would like to express your support for Alcove being listed as a top priority project for the Lubbock Metropolitan Planning Organization (LMPO), we need you to act! Alcove is currently one of the top ranked projects for MPO funding in the coming years, but without documented public support, that top ranking could be lost.
The project sponsor is the City of Wolfforth, so if the Alcove project is important to you, please provide your support and feedback by contacting the MPO as directed below. You only have until July 18, so act fast, and spread the word to others who are interested in seeing Alcove completely reconstructed, resulting in a wider, safer brand-new roadway.
To be clear, there is no guarantee the Alcove project will remain ranked as high as it is, but with your expression of support, the chances are far better than without it.
Use the link below or scan the QR code to complete this very important survey!