Short-term Rentals (STR)

STRWhat Are Short-term Rentals (STR)?A "short-term rental" (STR) refers to any residential structure, or portion thereof, used for lodging accommodations to occupants for a period of less than 30 consecutive days.  

Ordinance 14.03.011 Residential use categories explains that homes in a R-1 zoned area must have tenancy arranged on a month to month or longer basis.  Uses where tenancy may be arranged for shorter periods are not considered residential.  They are considered to be a form of transient lodging and are prohibited in Wolfforth. 

How to report a STRFor complaints about the operation of any existing STR, you can call the City of Wolfforth at 806-855-4130 or contact one of the code enforcement officers. 

Kathran Lewallen

Audry Martinez