Water Treatment & Production

Water Production/Distribution 
The City of Wolfforth has 20 active wells that are capable of pumping approximately 1.7 millions gallons a day if they run continuously. 
We also have an agreement with the City of Lubbock to purchase 500,000 gallons a day. 
All of this water is sent to the EDR plant for treatment. 

Upcoming projects
Contractors are currently working on a loop line project that will supply adequate volumes of water to parts of town underserviced with smaller lines. 
An additional elevated storage tank is currently in the planning process.   
Please be on the look out for these projects.

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 Water Treatment
The water treatment plant is an electro dialysis reversal (EDR) treatment plant. The EDR uses low voltage Direct Current to pull out cations and anions as they pass through membrane stacks. Periodically the polarity is reversed, and the cations and anions removed by the current are flushed to waste. The current treatment plant has six treatment units. All units are stand alone and can either be run alone or in combination with other units. Each unit’s capacity is 420,000 gallons per day of treated water. The units are by-passed with 20% of untreated water and then blended in the break tank. Combining each unit’s capacity with the total allowable blend, the total capacity of Wolfforth’s current treatment plant is 3,024,000 gpd that can be distributed into the distribution system. Currently the booster station sends water into the distribution system through a majority of 8 inch water mains. The booster pumps max out at 2,000 gpm (2,880,000 gpd) Raw water undergoes complete treatment including filtration, and disinfection in order to meet or exceed State and Federal rules and regulations.
Water quality is closely monitored in all phases of production and treatment by state licensed operators.

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