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Animal Nuisance
The following is considered a public nuisance, if the conduct of any owner in allowing an animal to:
1. Engage in conduct which establishes such animal as a dangerous animal;
2. Damage, soil, defile or defecate on private property or public property other than the owner’s, unless such waste is immediately removed and properly disposed of by the owner of the animal;
3. Be at large (excluding cats);
4. Cause a disturbance by excessive barking or noise making near the private residence of another;
5. Produce odors or unclean conditions sufficient to offend a person of normal sensibilities or which creates a condition conductive to the breeding of flies or other pests;
6. Chase vehicles, or molest, attack or interfere with other animals or persons, or is at large on public or private property; or
7. Create a condition that is dangerous to human life or health; renders the ground, the water, the air or the food a hazard or injurious to human life or health or that is offensive to the senses; or that is detrimental to the public health.
Code ViolationThe online Code of Ordinances includes General Ordinances, adopted by the City of Wolfforth such as provisions regarding streets and sidewalks, fire prevention, and solid waste, along with specific code violations and their penalties.  Use the link on the left navigation to report a code violation.
PotholesA pothole is a hole or pit in a road surface that results from gradual damage caused by traffic and/or weather. Potholes can also be found in land or rock, where they are formed by water erosion. Potholes can cause problems for vehicles and pedestrians and may require repair or maintenance.  Use the form on the left navigation with the location of the pothole.
Street Light OutageStreet lights in Wolfforth are owned by two different entities. One being Xcel Energy and the other South Plains Electric Cooperative.  If you need to report a street light outage please call the City at 806-855-4131 or simply fill out the form on the link to the left and we will report the outage to the correct electrical provider.
Suspicious Activity
Use this form on the left navigation to provide information concerning activity that may need police attention.